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Interesting Tale of Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park

Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park

It was dedicated to the rearing and breeding of beautiful butterflies. Unlike the bigger counterpart Kuala Lumpur Bird Park, the butterfly park has an area size of 80,000 square feet. This park basically is a beautifully landscaped garden designed to hold the butterflies in their natural habitat. This park has gone on record as the largest butterfly park in the world. Visitors to the much renowned Butterfly Park make it a point to visit this park as well after they come to know about its attractions from the local tour operators. Hence, people who have visited this park have never said that they had wasted the precious time wandering there.

About the Butterfly Park

Spread over a total area of 80,000 square feet, Kuala Lumpur Butterfly Park has over 50,000 butterflies. These beautiful creatures were collected from different parts of the world with the hope of preserving their ecosystem. For this purpose, the park has a wide diversity of ferns, lilies, orchids, hibiscus and other types of shrubs. Therefore, it would like a paradise for the onlooker with a wide display of colours and aroma that take them to a totally different realm of experience. The words cannot

4 Top Bali Beaches to Explore

Bali is an island in Indonesia and a very popular travel destination for those interesting in a relaxing break in the sun. Bail is not only appreciated for its beaches, but also the surfing, diving, the temples, the arts, the cuisine and the culture. The beaches with crystal clear water and long stretches of white sand are perfect for sunbathing. But, there are other types of beaches, such as those with large rocks that have been created by lava or corals over time, while other beaches consist of entirely black sand. Here are four of the top beaches in Bali:

Nusa Dua beach

The Nusa Dua beach has rolling golden sand, blue waters, fragrant trees, wild mangroves and tall palm trees. Plus, this beach has plenty of luxury hotels nearby. It is a great beach for swimming and snorkeling with its crystal clear water and waves and currents that are low. For the surfer, it is possible to enjoy the higher waves by heading to either the south or north end.

Kuta beach

The Kuta beach is relevantly close to the city of Kuta and has great energy and vibe that attracts a lot of locals and tourists. The current and waves are

Best Places to Have Soup in Kuala Lumpur

Actor Morgan Freeman once said that during cold temperatures, rather than having alcohol, one must have a bowl of hot soup. Hey, if Morgan Freeman says it, you know the Almighty has spoken. The Malaysians do adhere to this advice by the legendary actor throughout the year, no matter the season. If you want to mollycoddle yourself with a bowl of piping hot soup or broth, here are three of the best restaurants in Kuala Lumpur that will satiate this desire of yours:

Keong Kee Herbal Soup: A simple shack-like setting located next to an open air car park, this humble eatery is a hit among locals and tourists alike for its Coconut chicken soup that is served in coconut shells.

Levain Boulangerie & Pâtisserie: A French-inspired bakery and café housed in a cosy bungalow, taste Europe on your taste buds by sampling its popular Creamy mushroom chicken soup.

Huck’s Café: Homely and warm, this snug place does complete justice to the classic Fresh onion soup. Crusty bread, clear and flavourful broth and melted cheese-you just can’t go wrong with this one!

One of the easier ways to ensure that your soup craving is quenched immediately, book your tickets and reach these beautiful

Chic Cinque Terre

From Monterosso al Mare to Riomaggiore, the life becomes more remote and traditional. All these five towns are nestled on the steep mountain slopes along the Mediterranean coastline. The people are simple, friendly and have different dialects in all the five regions. There are steepy vineyards and olive groves along with colourful houses facing the blue and turquoise Mediterranean Sea. These grapes and olives farms along with fishing is the chief way of earning bread in the region.

You would easily reach there through train or ferry.There are modern hotels or traditional taverns that serves regional exotic regional food. This car-free exotic park offers scenic views of rugged landscape, a cemetery at the top of mountain facing the sea waves where the graves are nicely adorned with fresh flowers, narrow colourful cobblestone streets, private rooms to stay there and above all the magnificent views of sea and sky when they meet in horizon romantically. Let us see what this chic Cinque Terre offers you:

Picturesque Views:

Five towns connected with hiking trails, green sloped vineyards, pastel coloured houses, grey pebbled beach, teal sky, glowing sun, blue Mediterranean and lovely people; altogether make Cinque Terre a must see destination. Sit on the rocks

Grounded in Konstanz, Germany

Our “ultimate European road trip” started in Stuttgart, Germany after we picked up our brand-new Porsche Macan S from the factory, now heads back north to Stuttgart as we conclude our extended vacation. Our car named Max will be prepped for his long boat ride home where he trades in his lederhosen for a surfboard rack.

Our adventure continues as we explore this beautiful and historic lakeside village.

Mother Nature Deflated Our Zeppelin Adventure

All the planning in the world is no match for Mother Nature and the fickle winds on Lake Konstanz. Months ago we had booked and paid for a ride on a real Zeppelin airship which departed from the city of Friedrichshafen, the birthplace of the Zeppelin.

The email the night before warned us of the conditions and we awoke to tree bending winds and a lake full of whitecaps… clear skies but blown out, cold conditions.

So we now have an unplanned, open day to explore the town… Plan B.

Lakeside Elegance

We selected the Steigenberger Inselhotel because of its location (and the ever important private, gated parking facilities). Situated on a small private island (albeit a small canal constitutes its “island” status) on Lake Konstanz the hotel is a short walking distance

Travellers to Kerala Can Have Sumptuous Vallasadhya at Aranmula

Snake Boats of Aranmula

Located on the banks of River Pampa in the Pathanamthitta district of Central Kerala, the Parthasarathy Temple has been famous from the time immemorial. The locals in the region offer the Nirapara, which has grains or rice in specific units, to the presiding deity Lord Shri Krishna as a gratitude for his blessings. Usually, they bring offerings to the Aranmula temple in Palliyodams or the holy snake boats. The oarsmen of these snake boats sing special songs in praise of the presiding deity. They call these songs as Vanchi Pattu or boat song. These songs have a special melody that picks up the rhythm of the oars propelling the snake boats forward. The bounties are shored up at the shore leading to the temple by 8 O’ Clock every morning during the above mentioned period. The authorities at the temple use these raw materials to make the sumptuous meal in time for serving to the waiting devotees. The feast gets served immediately after the morning pooja.

Custom of Bounty Offer

The oarsmen offer the bounty collected to the presiding deity at the Nadappanthal or a dais in front of the golden mast at the temple. Thereafter, the batch

Bulgaria – Dah or Neh?

A funny thing happened on the way to Koprivshtitsa.

Bulgaria is a nation beaming with heart-warming tradition and folklore. When I touched down in Sofia to begin my adventure, it was Baba Marta Day (Grandma March). My friend Lucy and a few of her friends whom I had never met, gave me martenitsi; red and white bands of thread to be worn around your wrist or somewhere on your person. The white represents integrity and virginity; the color of Christ. The red is the woman and health; a sign of blood, conception and birth. At the first signs of spring (emerging blooms or the early appearance of storks, swallows and cranes), the martenitsi are removed and hung on the branches of the flowering trees. This gesture assures that you enjoy good health and much happiness throughout the coming year. It’s literally a beautiful picture, little strands of red and white hanging amongst the buds; given by one person to another person in hopes that they will be blessed with a happy, prosperous year. Even in a small village; hundreds of prays and hundreds of blossoms.

There’s another custom that has a potentially morbid origin and often drives unknowing tourists a little